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having trouble playing against grim patron warrior

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So, as per the title, I'm having trouble playing against this deck.

The problem I think I'm having is there are so many combos and they are so easy to pull off. For instance, dropping armorsmith and acolyte when they have a deaths bite on the board (and I I've a minion or 2) is a stupidly big play, leaving me to clear up asap so they can't just do the sme for free next turn. So I spend cards on clearing (giving them more cards and armour in the process...) But that's my removal gone for next turn or the one after when they drop warding and grim patron, maybe a frothing beserke, then proceed to smash my face in.

So I just straight up lose nearly every time. I don't know if it's my fault or a weakness of my deck. I don't know whether to tweak my deck (sottles aggro flamewaker), or just build a FU deck full of oozes and silences. Or just play the grim patron deck myself, seems like it works well to me.

Any thoughts?

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