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Please help before I kill a kitten!!!! Logs and info inside

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Hello all, I am beyond frustrated with my warrior. Before we get there, I know my gear is crap. I'm obviously working on a set, but even with what I have, I feel like I'm severely underperforming and cannot figure out why. I follow the rotations, I even have a WeakAuras group that tracks procs/timers etc so it's nice and easy mode. I cannot break 20k on my best day, and on the few normal runs I've done, have been lucky to break 18k. 


I ran simcraft before and after my guild drug me around normal BRF alt run today, and was simming at 22-24k or so. You can see the log linked for the Thogar kill i was logging for. Nowhere near, even with all that AOE. 


Can someone please review my log and tell me if theres something facepalm worthy or otherwise glaring that I should work on or is the two 630 tank trinkets REALLY that detrimental and are warriors REALLY that ilvl dependant for good dps?


I main a 688 Unholy DK who regularly pulls 90% percentile dps in Heroic BRF, so this is more than a bit unsettling... Thanks in advance.

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I swear one of these days I really need to make a video on how to play warrior dry.png



Well let's start with the insanely obvious...

You specced Bloodbath and Siege Breaker on a fight where there is crazy amounts of AoE.

Next time you go Operator please do spec bladestorm tongue.png

For heroic specifically spec Bladestorm + Anger Management.

With that setup bladestorm should just barely come off CD every time a pack jumps of a train so you can storm every time.

For mythic you'll want to spec bladestorm and ravager though but I don't think you should worry about that for now.


Now there's 2 things I want you to note.

1. Yes, warriors are THAT depedant on gear...

2. Fuck simcraft!


Seriously,... fuck simcraft right in the butthole.

It assumes absolute perfect world situations with procs for days, 0 lag and even then it's still off...

Take it with a massive grain of salt.



As for non-operator fights, stop speccing siege breaker.

It's almost never worth speccing it since it's one of the weakest skills in the game right now.

The only time you'd ever spec Siege Breaker is if Anger Management messes up your timing and the boss moves too much for ravager. (which in this current tier means you never have to spec it)


For the most part you seem to have your rotation down (according to your description at least) but the rotation is obviously not set in stone as you can imagine.

When you have as little gear as you you should prioritize BT above all else because the chances of it not criting and you losing enrage are too high.

Other than that it's still the same stuff: BT > Execute > Wildstrike >= Raging Blow.

The only time you should use Whirlwind as a fury warrior is if you don't have bladestorm to cleave. (or if you're on Iron Maidens, in that case WW once and then Raging Blow)




With your gear I wouldn't worry about your dps that much... that's just the way it's going to be for now sad.png

Warriors are wicked dependant on gear, more so than any other class and even when you have gear out the ass your damage will still be 'meh' compared to other classes.

You can only do as much damage as your guild allows you to do.

Ever wondered why the top guilds always have their raiders score so low on the logs?

That's because they are busy killing the boss as a group, not scumming their DPS.

On average on Blast Furnace I score about 31% on the logs (which is really really fucking low)

Sure, I can score 90% and bladestorm for days, set bombs off in the raid and kill my guildies with debuff because everyone needs to suffer so I can do well but as you can imagine that's not how raiding works.

DPS is cute, but killing the boss trumps everything else.




It doesn't look like you're missing anything obvious besides not speccing bladestorm.

Just be smart with what you spec.

Take bladestorm when you can cleave a lot, and take either Anger Management or Ravager, never Siege Breaker.

The choice between Anger Management and Ravager depends on a lot of things in mythic but in your case it comes down to 'can ravager hit the boss for the entire duration EVERY time or not?' If the answer is no, grab AM.

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Heyp Amputate, I really appreciate the response. I figured as much, but thanks for the clarification on Siege Breaker. It's just more so frustrating for me, as if you look at the same log I linked and look at the Hans and Frans fight for the DK "Twindley" That's my main and that's what I'm used to pulling, so this is just, depressing. HAHA, thank you for the advice and I'll just keep working on gearing until I hit that apex of gear = decent dps.

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