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hearthstone 2 beginner board control tips

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hi guys! its been quite a while since i have been playing this game and i learned all of the mechanics. so i have published a guide here for beginners to learn one of the most important mechanics of this game: board control


1.what is board control? this is the first question of beginners when they see this topic. board control means that the enemy must use more than in order to tackle your minions. an example is you have chillwind yeti on the board whilst the enemy has an empty hand and 2 bloodfen raptors on his side. now the enemy has got 4 health while you got 10. now,the enemy must use both of his bloodfen raptors in order to prevent you from killing him. in this case we had a 2-for-1 which means the enemy used two cards/minions in order to take down one of your minions which puts you at a board advantage which is required for board control. board controls very easy meaning is to have more minions on the board while enemy cant do anything.


2.how to gain board control. the most important part of gaining board control is from turn 1 until turn 4-5. if you lose board control before turn 4 and you dont regain it before turn 4, you have a 90%-100% of losing which means without board control, you are dead.the best way to gain board control is to fill the battlefield with minions that have good stats for the cost or special abilities like taunt. the best way is to use minions that summon more minions, like:murloc tidehunter and haunted creeper OR you can place minions with high health like nerub'ar weblord IF this does not put you at a disadvantage. hey guys this was the beginners part of this guide if you are a expert player then wait for my expert-consisted of 10 tips- ALL game guide. bye for now.

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Thanks for starting this post, kianmir. I think board control is an interesting topic to discuss so I'll throw in my own thoughts. 


The player who controls the board has the ability to "control" the other player's board state. He or she is generally able to destroy most or all of the opponent's minions the turn after they are played (or freeze those minions in the case of the popular Freeze Mage deck), thus minimizing the opponent's options for subsequent turns. In other words, the opponent with control has more options when attacking, as he or she can decide to continue to clear minions or to attack the opposing hero's face. Attacking face, of course, often means that some of the control is relinquished as it allows the opponent the option of attacking on their next turn.


Complete control is hard to come by, as generally each player has some freedom during their respective attack phases. One player generally has a more dominant position than the other, but this can quickly change from turn to turn. Arena is a great place to learn the basics of board control as it teaches two important elements of this concept: 1) Drafting and subsequently playing cost-efficient minions, and 2) Efficient minion trading. Icy Veins has some great articles with more in-depth information, but the key is to play minions that can can go two-for-one, meaning your opponent is required to use two cards to remove your one card. This creates card advantage which will allow you to more easily gain and maintain board control. Powerful and efficient spells can also be used to create card advantage and gain control of the board.


Control decks, by their nature, are more concerned with board control than aggressive decks. Aggressive decks seek to overwhelm their opponent from the beginning, thus ending the game quickly before the opponent has a chance to gain control. These aggro decks are not usually concerned about the opponent's board state - they simply attack face each turn and force the opponent to have the necessary response in time (don't we all love Face Hunter! wink.png) Even aggressive decks, however, are somewhat concerned with board control as they tend to run spells to keep the opponent at bay or break through early barriers.


In short, board control is an important element of Hearthstone, a concept each player must grasp in order to play successfully.

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