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[Prot] CM bis question

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I'm just about to go for Gold cm with my group and I hope you can solve me some questions.

I'm having mostly BiS gear, but should I go crit>mastery or the other way around for cm? So should I enchant Crit or Mastery, and equip BA/Crit or BA/Mastery


Furthermore I can't decide on my trinkets, atm I'm having inv_misc_trinket6oog_stonefist2.jpgPillar of the Earth inv_inscription_trinket_tank.jpgKnight's Badge inv_misc_trinket6oog_2heads3.jpgPol's Blinded Eye inv_misc_trinket6oog_handeye2.jpgGrandiose Resistance
I'm not sure, if Stamina is really useful on cm or I should go for the higher BA trinket.



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I haven't done much in CMs this xpac, so take this with a grain of salt.  I did tank 7/7 Gold in MoP though.  I currently only have two WoD CMs done, and I do not have any medals so my current experience is fairly limited.


There hasn't been a lot of commenting on this forum recently otherwise I'd leave this to those who know more, but I figured I would at least give you my opinion.

The couple of CMs I did back in November I was gemmed / enchanted crit, and I didn't feel any survival problems.  I personally enjoy the crit because of all the extra revenge procs due to the extra parry.  It does let you generate a lot of rage.

For the trinkets, I would use Pol's simply because of the use.  It can help reduce a lot of damage on demand, where the others are random.  I don't have as much of an opinion on the other three, they all seem like they could be useful.

Sorry I don't have a lot here, but hopefully this will help get some more conversation going.

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I would recommend Pillar of Earth absolutely and probably Pol's. I would also recommend gemming and enchanting crit. Most of the more dangerous bosses are casters, which we are exceptionally weak against. The ability to spam more barriers there is essential. If you find yourself struggling more on trash though, you should give mastery a try.

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