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Shadow Dance timing.

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Hello thar, i've read the guide about Shadowdance in this forum and now i ask myself if i should usw Shadowdance on cooldown or time it with my Rupture falling off.


I have always played Assassination since i can play it very well. But now we stand befor Mythic Kromog and i want to learn the Shadowdance.


A fail log from the twinkraid is here. I don't like what i did there today and feel absolutly useless as a rogue now. :c Since i don't know any other rogues on my realm and we don't have a second in raid i am kind of lost.




My armorylink: 




From what i know i refresh my dots to late, i use Shadowdance and Shadowreflection wrong and i am not sure about the opener that is posted in the Sub guide. With this opener do i use Shadowdance while the first Find Weakness is running?

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Playing Sub is all about using all of your cooldowns at the same time. Make sure that every time you use SR you use SD as well.


Your opener should be:

  • Premed 10s before pull
  • Prepot + SnD
  • Garrote > Ambush > Ambush (skip the second Ambush if you don't have the 2pc)
  • SR > Rupture > SD
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