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Beyond Frustrated with my performance in HFC

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Hello Everyone,


I'm coming to you once again because my transition to boomkin has been less than ideal.  I thought things would get better in HFC but I'm constantly on the bottom of the meters and in jeopardy of losing my raid spot.  I know i need to cast more but I can't figure out how to do that while maintaining mechanics.  Perhaps I'm just getting old or my reaction time is slow, or maybe I'm just not as good as I thought I was.  I don't have my 2 piece t18 or a trinket yet. Below are some logs from my experiences in HFC.  If you can please give me some critique on what I can do better, I really need to show improvement ASAP.  






Character name: Stru


Thank you in advance.  I'm trying really hard to get into the boomkin but this constant level of failing is really frustrating. 

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Your dps relies heavily on your gear and current opener with an understanding of your priorities through out the fight as well, which is common sense I believe, feel free to message me in-game on Talonsaur - Area 52 for tips

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Hello Stru


First of all - you should work on the basics and follow ABC (Allways Be Casting) rule. On Vellhari you had 85% activity. Which means that you spent more than 45 secs in the fight doing nothing. For example this part:


Working on positioning yourself, moving on GCD and casting as much as possible is your top priority if you want to have better dps. 

If you have to move more than a couple GCD - you should just blink (displacer beast) and get back to casting asap. 


Next big thing is your CD usage (and opener likewise). In 5:35 fight you used CA only ONCE!! and did not use Incarnation at all... That's just bad... Your opener should be 


The one that I'm using is:

-3.0 secs Incarnation
Prepot + starsurge
trinkets + racials + CA + moonfire
Starfall x2




After you will manage to deal with these issues - dot uptime is your next problem. It is not terribly bad, but it's not good either. You had ~90% uptime, which is not enough. I guess your main problem on this is probably uncomfortable UI. There's an old screen of what setup I'm using:


It helps me to focus on my rotation while keeping an eye on the encounter at the same time. I have every possible thing I need at the centre of my screen. 

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