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MM and BM Stat Priority Question

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If you're not doing progression where doing the best is expected, then yes, you can by all means do fine as BM with crit gems/enchants.  Not as well as if you had Haste/Mastery gems/enchants, but well enough.  However, there's not really a reason to play BM in HFC right now except for meter padding and useless AoE, to be completely honest.  Marksman performs much better in killing priority targets and has higher overall single target damage.  Though if you aren't doing heroic/mythic progression, then BM performs fine and you should choose which spec you play by how comfortable/fun it is and how much enjoyment you get out of it.

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My guild is doing normal mode right now until we can get more familiar with the fights.  By the time we do a meaningful number of heroics, people will have better gear.  


I'm not going to be the guy who wins a fight for us nor will I be the guy who doesn't get in that extra X dps or we wipe.  Me doing 1000 (or even 10,000) DPS lower in Beast Mastery rather than MM isn't going to cause the raid to wipe.  I can't even think of a situation when the raid would wipe at .02 percent and then think "if I was MM rather than BM, we would have killed the boss."


I am more concerned about being good in the spec I choose rather than choosing the TOP dps spec and then "sucking" at it. 

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