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6.2 Brewmaster help

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I switched from my warrior, where I was scoring in the high 90th percentile, to the monk because I was tanking along side another warrior AND I thought that I would like to take advantage of a more complex class in order to gain the utility that monks are renowned for. That being said, I'm on the verge of packing up my monk and moving him out for a DK. I can't seem to find the answer to my issue anywhere. But, I'm scoring pretty low numbers. I'm almost always below average. I take this stuff to heart. I feel like I'm letting my team down and I feel as though I'm not contributing on a level that correlates with my potential. 


I know my rotation needs some work. I recently switched from serenity to chi burst and I'm trying to keep better track of my keg smash as to not waste chi so I find myself using a 4 chi burst on a single target and at the top of avoidable damage sometimes. Also, I just switched to a crit build where I used to be mastery. I'm just trying to figure out what works.


I track my resolve and try not to guard unless I'm near (ideally over) 200%. I like to hold on to one charge of guard and keep one on CD in case I start getting molested and need the buffer. I try to use elusive brew when I get to 6 stacks or higher and am tanking a melee mob, I like healing elixirs but understand the viability of diffuse magic and dampen harm. Also, I know I'm not using my trinket and potions frequently enough.  


I have begun to be more liberal with my cooldowns but am probably still too reserved. I am trying to transition out of the warrior mindset of keeping SW for an "Oh S***" moment.  


I hate doing this. I've looked and looked through forums and sunnier's guides etc. Please, just take a look at my logs and let me know your thoughts. Thank you 


I'm not good with warcraft logs. I hope this is the link you need.









Thank you! 



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all in all it looks fine - are you judging your play by "KRSI"? because, you shouldnt do that - it's currently not a good way to see if you perform well or not, you should rather look at hps, (in some way dps), uptime on ex. Shuffle and elusive brew and your use of personals such as guard, purify and fortifying brew.

Are you also running with Ascension? you should only go with Ascension if you have tier18 4-set, currently power strikes generates more Chi overall than the other talents do.

Hope this helped you just a bit :)

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Hey, I'm no expect on tanking, but I used to have some successes. You don't seem to be using guard much, In the fight with iron reaver you used it only once and on Kormork only 4 times. I understand the point in trying to use it at high resolve but you must be sitting on it with 2 stacks for most of the fights and flat out not using it. Sit on it with 1 stack and the other always recharging + try and use +bonus armour procs + it to help on big hits. 

Just for comparison with Guard usage, http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/d412fcb8-153f-4090-977a-b7b8c69b893b/report/81#v=1,d=1,c=19  as you can see this person have Much higher guard absorb then you.

As far as im concerned, try and use guard pro actively for the first charge and only reactive *when high resolve* for the 2nd charge, sitting on 2 charges is a waste


You also seem not to use Fort brew that much, + aways make sure you can use keg smash on cooldown, pool some energy for this if needs must. 


Also you have the + bonus armour trinket.. which i don't think you're using.. Use it before guard for huge absorb


I personally dont like chi exp for tanking I feel it took away too much from my control. I always liked to sit on 1chi spare for in case i need to suddenly purify So I cant really help with how to deal with that, but you should try and keep high uptime on tiger power and shuffle.


From what i could see everything else seems alright, you don't go into high stagger.


As said at the start, this is just my opinion and my personal experience, I have not tanked that much in 6.2 but i believe most of it has not changed much.  Use guard generously and you should see your percentile shoot up.

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Thank you both for your suggestions. I believe from some of the advice I have received I can make some immediate improvements to my tanking. 


I wanted to post a link to the same thread I made on the WoW forums where I also received some advice that I believe will help for anyone searching this topic in the future. 



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