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Disc LF Log reviews and tips

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Disc priest here who changed from holy a month or so before 6.2 due to usually being the only priest healer in the normal raid team. 

Since HFC progress started I feel like my performance has been dropping considerably. 

Basically any log reviews, tips or simple analysis would be much appreciated smile.png

Link to logs from a recent farm raid:




Thanks in advance wink.png

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Hi there Crazy Panda,


I had a quick browse over your logs and they arent too bad.


Simple tips would be to not hold onto EAA buff for so long and work on getting the archangel uptime maximised. You have great uptime on some fights and it dwindles a bit on others. It is 25% extra healing for 18 seconds every 30 seconds. HUGE!


I find the old stereotype of melee always take damage to be true alot so i ensure that the melee are grouped for the EAA PoH and unless i know that there is a huge burst of damage worth waiting for i always cast AA > EAA PoH > Cascade.


With PI i tend to use it on the pull(with Mind bender) trying to get the most uses out of it over the course of the fight. Some of its benefit is wasted  by using it at full mana and depending on when you lust but it can be used to get your AA up faster with some fast smites and some shield spam and the PI + Mindbender will leave you at 100% for the duration of the mindbender.

This might not be the most optimal but its what i do so take from it what you will.


Happy Killing :)

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Heyas, Panda.


I definitely see your Holy past in your Talent and Spell choices smile.png


1. I would advice for PW:Solace over Mindbender for disc priest (I know that Mindbender is a choice for Holy). PW:Solace used on CD brings your mana back constantly during the fight, I feel it more beneficial for mana management that a Mindbender CD.

Here's my Resources log with PW:S on Socrethar if you are interested in its gain.  


And what is much more important about PW:S and HF: they are the source of you Evangelism stacks. Not using them on CD, you lose Evangelism stacks and your Archangel power in the end. Choosing Solace over Mindbender let you get both Evangelism and mana return in the same spell. When you use Mindbender, you pretty much let go to Holy Fire hardly casting it 8-10 times during a fight with is a huge loss for your Archangel management.


Here's a spell usage comparison for your and mine Gorefiend fight. 

You casted HF 9 times vs mine 40 casts of Solace. 31 stack of Evangelism loss.


2. I wouldn't hard cast PoM - it's a Holy thing. If you want PoM as a disc, you can take a WoM talent with passive PoM from your shields. It's always abour 4.5-5.5% of your Total Healing without spending time or mana for casts.


3. I wouldn't use Heal as a disc - it has an awful cast time and you can shield 3 other people during this time. Except of it, you have throughput healers in raid (shaman and monk) for single direct heals. If you feel like a person is dying and they already have WS debuff, use Flash Heal or Pain Suppression - not Heal.


4. Cascade usage: it does a lot of overhealing on easy fights but its mana usage is so minor against the healing done that I would still recommend to use it on CD.


Hope it helps smile.png

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