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Destruction thoughts?

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Always been a fan of the icy-veins guides. I recently picked up

Destruction for a change from affliction and did pretty well with it.

here's my rotation/priority

Destro rotation?


Immolate > dark soul > trink > conflag > chaos > conflag > incinerate

Normal rotation

Maintain immolate > conflag on cd for backlash > consume with incinerate only

Build max burning embers, only using chaos to avoid capping

Cds rotation

Use dark soul and trink on cd even if they are staggered.

Cd > immolate > conflag > chaos till embers consumed > normal rotation > refresh immolate before buff expires

Execute phase

Replace chaos with shadowburn

Maintain close to cap on embers until a cd is up

Cd > immolate > burn all embers

Stop ember pooling and use shadowburn every time one is full

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I found that:

conflag > 1 incinerate > chaos bolt ( you should have 2 stacks of the buff still)

works out to be higher dps than just burning all 3 stacks of the buff on incinerate and then chaos bolting.

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That's definitely right for the opener. What about the cd phase?

Figured it might be better to shorten the casts on chaos for the chance to get an extra during the cd duration.

I'm theorycraft stage right now though. Haven't actually practiced with it too much yet.

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You NEVER use your 3 charges of Backdraft on Chaos Bolt. EVER. It's used for mana control and sped up casts of Incinerate. To open as Destruction, save your Dark Soul until you have about 2.5 embers. Open with Curse of Elements, Immolate, Conflag, Incinerate x 3, Conflag, Incinerate x 3 and check your Embers. Refresh Immo if need be, then Dark Soul and Chaos Bolt until you're out of embers. Chaos Bolt's DoT with Grimoire of Sacrifice does not clip...it builds each time it hits so you can't lose DPS that way.

When Dark Soul has about 25-30 seconds left on its CD, start pooling embers. You NEVER want to be at 4 Embers...allow your DoT ticks of Immolate bring you up from 3 embers to the 4th one while you are dumping Chaos Bolts.

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Right on. I didn't think about pooling at open and the whole conflag chaos thing had me cofused. Forgot about CoE(usually have an assassination rogue in group.) So its not as important to maintain an immolation dot with higher stats or just something to try for if its convenient? Everything I know about affliction screams at me to extend super DoTs as much as possible :P

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