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Sub rogue opener with 4-set and Archi trinket

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Hey guys,


This tier im clueless how my opener should look like?

Currently its something like that:


prem>slice & dice> preopot > ambush > vanish > ambush > rupture > shadow reflection & shadow dance > spam ambush untill i refresh S&D > premed > vanish > ambush 


Also should i use Subterfuge or Shadow Focus? (currently im using shadow focus)

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I watched Final Boss #92 - Warlords of Ketchup: Agility Melee [1 of 8] on yt yesterday. Vigilate said some interesting things:
SR gets the Legendary Ring buff only if SR is cast before the ring is used. You use Vanish after pull (Set Bonus).
So a possible opening sequence could be:
Prepull: prem, snd, pot
Pull: Garrote, Ambush, Vanish, Shadow Reflection, Rupture, Ambush  ???
Prior to the Set Bonuses + leg. Ring i used this opener:
Prepull stuff, Garrote, Ambush, (wait for 5 CP with HaT) SR, Rupture, SD ...
This way my SR and SD cds lines up pretty nicely.
The Problems with leg. Ring and Set Bonus:
- Ring is used 1-2 second after pull (in my raid at least) -> SR has to be used right at the pull OR SR doesn't benefit from the ring buff.
- Vanish is used early for the dmg buff, that means you have to delay SD? -> SR and SD cds don't line up OR you use SD anyway but that wastes Vanish and therefore FW uptime.

12pull prem-> snd prepot @1 -> vanish -> SR -> rupture and go from there. Use subterfuge with vanish glyph.


So Vanish gets you 5 CP for Rupture. That makes sense. What do you do after Rupture? Ambush times X, Evis i guess ...? When do you use SD? What do you use your second SR with?


I would really love to know what the "best" opener for Sub with t18 4pc and leg. Ring is.
Looking forward to your answers! biggrin.png
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Hi again.


After a few Tests i came to following conclusion:

(pretty much what Teflondon already said)


Prepull fun

Pull: Vanish, SR, Ring, Rupture, SD, Ambushes (Refresh SnD + Rupture), Evis, have Fun


Have a nice day.

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