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Need help with DW DPS Please

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Fight I looked at was reaver because it seemed very low.

For starters you only used defile 7 times which I think there could be around 12-13 in your kill time. I would suggest NP talent for this fight because of the blitz and barrage stuff just hard to keep boss I'm there especially depending how your tanks handle artillery.

Looks also like you are frost striking without KM procs. I highly advise against that. Don't spend runic power just to spend. With 4pc you should be pooling the priceless blue RP and when you get a km proc you can likely get 2-6 critical frost strikes and that's where you score the big bucks.

Another thing to consider don't obliterate just to obliterate. I can't stress enough to only ob then you have 1-1/2 to 2 full unholy runes.

66% of your obliterates crit where as only 57% of your frost strikes actually Crit. Which tells me you are frost striking often without km procs.

Here's an example of my reaver from last week. Although it seems I used defile. I castes my defile 7 times but had 65 hits. Yours castes 7 in a 7minute fight and only had 31 hits. My fight was four minutes.


And the last thing I have for you is that your main hand needs razor ice offhand FC because with the the trink you have feel cleave spreads razor ice to multiple ppl. It was posted recently on mmo champ that it works better and FC doesn't get effected much.

If you have any questions just reply I'll check back later

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Thanks for this, I'm trying out DW since it looks like 2H is going away permanently in the next xpac. I was having a difficult time wrapping my head around the rotation. 


Unfortunately my gear is heavily optimized for 2H so I see a big drop in dps using DW atm. I only have one set piece and no bis trinkets yet so that's a plus. 

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