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[Guardian] new to the awesome bear

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i believe you only stack multistrike till 10 % raid buff then its about :


Bonus armor : Bonus Armor has replaced both Dodge and Parry has the "tank only" secondary stat. This stat can only appear on jewellery and cloaks. It functions in exactly the same manner that it always has, with the exception that it now provides Attack Power in addition to armor thanks to the existence of Bladed Armor. It is intended to be the best possible secondary stat you can have, and it meets that goal with flying colours (except when it comes to pure Magic damage).


Mastery : The original Guardian Mastery has been replaced with a new one called Mastery: Primal Tenacity. It triggers an absorption shield equal to 1.5% * Mastery when you take most kinds of physical damage (excluding Sonic and Bleed), and a shield does not currently exist. Note that there is additionally something we're calling the "20% Rule" when it comes to triggering the shield. If the existing shield is 20% or less of the size of the shield that would be created when you take damage, the existing shield will be consumed and a new one will be created. Further, the size of this shield is not changed by any other absorption effects including Tooth and Claw


Critical Strike

Critical Strike continues to be the best stat to increase your Rage generation. It also is the single best stat for increasing the amount of self-healing you can do from the Level 30 and 90 talents, and Frenzied Regeneration. Therefore Crit is not strictly a mitigation stat, but it is still a reasonably competitive survival stat with other secondaries (excluding Mastery and Bonus Armor).

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