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Help with druid deck

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Hi there! :) 

I've created this druid deck, without following any guide, just because I wanted to try and create one on my own.... I don't think it's that bad, cause sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I know there is a lot to improve, since it's pretty hybrid.

Here it is:

2x Innervate

2x Claw

1x Naturalize

2x Mark of the Wild

1x Power of the Wild

2x Wild Growth

1x Wrath

1x Acidic Swamp Ooze

1x Ironbeak Owl

1x Healing Touch

1x Mark of Nature

1x Emperor Cobra

2x Harvest Golem

1x Soul of the Forest

2x Swipe

1x Silvermoon Guardian

2x Stormwind Knight

1x Druid of the Claw

1x Silver Hand Knight

2x Starfire

1x Ironbark Protector

1x Cenarius


I use Naturalize just in case I am in real trouble with a big minion. 

Ironbeak Owl in order to have a card that can silence.

Healing Touch same reason as Naturalize.

Ok, let's talk about Emperor Cobra... I mean, I use it cause I have different spells that can give it Taunt, so that I can destroy any minion, but I'm pretty sure it's useless, correct me if I'm wrong.

Silvermoon Guardian same reason as Emperor Cobra.

Stormwind Knight, with Mark of Nature (+4 attack), is pretty powerful I think.

Any advice? 

Thank you :)

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do you own any Naxx/BrM wing? What is your rank and budget? These things are quite important when considering the changes in the deck. I listed my personal opinions about those cards while hoping you have all the important Naxx/BrM cards. I though you are at rank 20-15, where using Ironbark is a good choice.


Claw is good for a basic deck. However, I would recommend using second Wrath instead. You can cycle wrath for one damage or you can do 3 damage with it. The second claw could be replaced with a midrange minion.

Naturalize will often help your opponent more than you. I would recommend BGH in its place.

Power of the wild isn't very good. Even though 3/2 is nice, you can still get a 3/2 with a beneficial ability. I personally like Bear Cub, but the sheer variety of 2-drops gives you many options.

Ooze is a very good card against the very popular Patron Warrior and Face Hunter. If you own Harrison Jones, use him instead. If not, ooze is OK.

Healing touch won't help you catch up on the board. If you often find yourself in need of heal, Antique Healbot is a better choice, since it also gives you a body on the board. Anyway I recommend using Sludge Belcher in its place.

Mark of Nature is worse than Mark of the Wild. The Stormwind Knight-Mark of Nature synergy is not enough to justify its place in the deck. Use a second Druid of the Claw or Force of Nature. In case you decide to use FoN, add a Savage Roar.

Emperor Cobra dies to almost any damage spell and also can be removed by a small minion. Maybe use a Belcher.

Soul of the Forest is a bad card. To make it worth it, you have to have a lot of minions on the board. Druid usually has few powerful minions rather than a lot of small minions. Add an Azure Drake in its place.

Although Silvermoon Guardian is a good target for Mark of the Wild, I suggest using a Sunwalker. Sunwalker needs only one card to work.

Stormwind Knight has too low attack for a Charge minion. I recommend using Force of Nature as a finisher or an Ancient of Lore as a mean to draw more cards.

Silverhand Knight is good card, but you could use Thaurissan or a second Ironbark.

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Thank you positiv

Actually... I don't have any Naxx/BrM card, I'm saving some gold in order to buy the first mission of Naxx... I'm 19 at the moment.

Do you mean how much real money I can spend? In that case, I'm not going to spend anything for the game, just want to play it as a game, nothing more. I know it will take much more time to build a good deck this way though.  

If you have any other advice please tell me :)

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By budget I mean how much dust and cards you own. Higher budget means you can afford to craft or already have higher quality cards.


The first two wings of Naxxramas will bring you huge value. The first wings has Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper, cards mostly used by aggresive decks. The second wing has Sludge Belcher, a card that is used in many decks. It's really sad that Druids got such a bad class card. Anyway, the third floor has bad cards, except for Voidcaller. Forth wing has Zombie Chow, a great card against aggresive decks. The fifth wing contains Shade of Naxxramas and Kel'Thuzad. These two cards are used mainly in Druid, if you don't plan on maining Druid, the last wing is unnecessary.

tl;dr: If you want to main Druid, buy 5 Naxxes. If not, 2 is OK


The Ramp Druid archetype has advantage in accelerating own mana, allowing you to have more big minions without slowing you down. You should keep this advantage in mind when you build Ramp Druid decks.

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