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Value of 2pc Heroic T17 for Frost

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I'm currently stuck on a bad luck streak where Tier is dropping. Almost all the other raiders in my group have their 4pcs, and I'm stuck with 2pc. It's partly compounded by the fact we ran personal loot on Normals. Odds are we're dropping Normals from our regular rotation sooner rather than later, so I'm going to be stuck in the meantime with at best 3pc Tier 18, because we'll get Kormrok down weekly, but likely struggle for a bit on Socrethar and Mannoroth on HM.


What I'm trying to figure out is: how valuable is that extra 30 RP I'm generating once every minute from the 2pc Tier 17? I'm looking at it in terms of comparison to heroic level HFC offset pieces for the Helm and Chest slots, and can't quite come to a conclusion.


I've also considered cashing in some of my Champion's Honor tokens and buying the conquest 700 pvp helm and chest as placeholders. The 2pc set bonus is a 25% damage boost to a weapon special attack after using Death Grip, which I'd try to line up with a KM Frost Strike, but I dunno if the loss of the Haste and Multistrike is made up for by the gains in Crit and Strength.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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