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Hey All! My first post on this forum so be nice xD 


Since receiving loads of you cards with 50 packs from TGT I am attempting to make a mage deck focused on using minions to boost spell damage and using spells to bring rush the hero and kill minions as needed. 

Please if possible pass on some advice on what I have now and what could change to make it better, thanks!

I have added a link to the image showing the current cards


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Hello and welcome to Icy Veins. 


 This has been on my list of decks to mess around with since the set came out. I haven't put too much effort into in but I can maybe give a few suggestions. For starters I would run two copies of Azure Drake, He gives the Spell Damage you are building around and he also gives you an extra card. Ancient Mage is another option due to his ability to give out Spell Damage. If you have access to BrM I would include Flamewaker. He deals random damage every time you cast a spell. And Arcane Blast would also be a great inclusion due to it getting a double bonus for Spell Damage, Other than that I'm not entirely sure at the moment,, I'm still in the same boat as you. Just keep messing with it and hopefully you'll get it. I'll post mine once I get around to building it. Good luck to you and hopefully this helped a little. 

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While I don't have any of the TGT cards I did get to play with them a bit in the Tavern Brawl last week.  Three jumped out at me as potential staples for Mage decks.


Coldara Drake (6/6 for 6 mana) - Use hero power as many times as desired per turn

Fallen Hero (3/2 for 2 mana) - Hero power does 1 more damage

Maiden of the Lake (2/6 for 4 mana) - Hero power costs 1


I realize they don't add to spell damage directly, but would help you eliminate enemy minions pretty easily.  The only card I recall with plus spell damage was Dalaran Aspirant, which you already have in your deck.  It might combo well with the some of the minions above.

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