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I require your aid, Heroes! (under performing Frost DW)

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I am having some issues with my performance in raids DPS-wise. I feel like I'm not doing as much damage as I should be and I humbly request some advice on how to fix the issue(s).

I've reduced the number of Obliterates that I use, trying to use them only when I'm under 25 RP and with KM proc. I am trying to spam SR as much as possible (even made a WeakAura that pings when the target doesn't have SR applied) and utilize PL and Tap as often as possible and when resources are required. But I still fall behind everyone in my raid, most of the time by 10k or 20k dps. I am running out of ideas what to do and it's making me feel miserable.

Any advice would be most welcome...



Ask Mr. Robot:

Warcraft Logs:

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Just quickly went through some of your logs and the armory link. Seems like it is a gear issue. No 4-piece T18 or best trinkets. Not sure how you can still be lacking 4-piece bonus with a 712 ilvl or did you have it and decided to go with higher ilvl items instead of the tier bonus?

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No luck what so ever... I saw it drop once or twice and didn't get it... And the 2nd trinket (Empty Drinking Horn) dropped once when I wasn't able to raid. Same with weapons... No luck. For seals I get mostly gold.

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