Soloing Savage White Shark

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Savage Whale Shark is a ~22 mil HP giant elite mob in Ironhold Harbour in Tanaan. In addition to large HP pool, she has about ~75% damage resistance. Mostly she's interesting to kill because of the inv_garrison_blueprints3.gif Equipment Blueprint: Trained Shark Tank, required for the Shipyard progression, and normally requires a raid to kill.


If you decide to solo her, you'll have to do some preparation. Stock up on Elixir of Water Walking and put it on a bar. The shark cannot be slowed, so you'll have to kite it via movement speed. Glyph of Pathfinding and movement speed enchant for the cloak are obligatory. 

Recommend spec and talents: survival or marksmanship, Lone WolfA Murder of CrowsGlaive ThrowPosthaste can help run away if you mess up, and Iron Hawk - to not die from a single attack in case the shark catches up. Don't forget to enable lone wolf buff and eat stat buff food. 


Useful to have Glyph of Chimaera Shot to slowly regain health if you were bit. 

I recommend to kite counter clockwise, using keyboard to turn. If you turn using the mouse, there's a risk to fall under water, slow down and be eaten. 


All in all, it's not hard, just long and boring, and mistakes are fatal. The shark almost oneshots. If she catches up - don't panic, use Deterrence. Taking damage causes Elixir of Water Walking to drop, so drink another one and use Disengage to gain distance.

I had no problem with evasion, it's perfectly fine to kite within the harbor. Took me 25 minutes to kill her on the second try. It took me one try to realize I need glyph of pathfinding.

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