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Match up questions for oil rogue

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I just recently started hearthstone, maybe been playing for a month, and I picked up oil rogue.  I enjoy the deck quite a bit but I am having trouble with a few match ups, most notably the dragon priest decks that seem ever so common this season.  They play on such a smooth and efficient curve it feels like a fight to get bored control, and with the priest hero power it seems hard to force their life totals low enough to combo down.  Any advice on how to deal with them would be appreciated.  The other match up I have a lot of trouble with is control warrior, it just seems miserable trying to deal with them, although I don't see them very often, so that one is less of an issue.


Here is a copy of the deck list


I am not sure if there is a more elegant way to post that, but there it is.

Its very similar to a deck sottle has posted, minus the legendary minions.  I already plan on adding in a van cleef, Loatheb, blood mage, and maybe Thaurissan when I obtain them.  

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