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[Guardian] New tank looking to improve

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Hi I just tanked my very first boss in hellfire outside of lfr (was tyrant normal) and I was wondering if someone would be so cind to take a look at the log and see if I can/shuld do anything diffrently. I saw for exampel that I forgot to use my second pot, think my plan was to save that for phase 3 but then i got busy trying to get out of shit so i forgot.


Also is someone else having problems with threathplates? It makes the heathbars disapere for me when I have it activated :/


My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/veknilash/Deltank/simple(Incase someone is wondering, I have low enchants beacuse Im not sure if I shuld go with mastery or multi so im testing atm)

Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XfFDJazARHKZx9tm/# (Im Deltank) 

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Hi Delaila,  i am just relearning the Bear this xpansion also so take this with a grain of salt.

i see lacerate, thrash and Faerie fire up 90% of the time, That's a good thing.

i am not sure if you have tried using Pulverize over bristling fur.  While not as big of a damage reduction it dose seem to last longer giving a smoother level of damage taken on your healers.  Also, you didn't use bark skin till after a bit into the fight.  I like to pre-load that right before a pull just to get a little most up time of this buff.  i am not sure how good your healers were but the above may have prevented the two deaths.  i also do not see any use of Bash for interrupts of the Mending assuming you had one on target on the tank swap.

I also did not see a stam flask on you, only well fed.  Maybe also trying stam food over the mastery stuff.  large health pool cannot hurt you any.

I am sure there are others that will see more and this is just my opinion.  Best of luck and happy raiding.

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The first thing that jumped out at me was that your mangle usage is way too low, it is your hardest hitting ability and generates lots of rage, especially given your choice of Soul of the Forest (which I also prefer). Poking a bit further revealed that you're using thrash more often that you should, you want to maintain the bleed but in a fight with few targets it isn't really worth using much more than that.


Looking at your resource usage I see that you are occasionally at max rage, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as this frequently occurs when not actively tanking, however during this time I would recommend using maul to dump rage and contribute a little extra dps. Whilst this will be consuming tooth and claw procs it isn't wasted as it'll help your co-tank, which is always worthwhile and you can easily cover the initial impact following a swap by covering it with a savage defence use.


I would second what Flackyou says about trying Pulverise, it's really useful and you can maintain very high uptime on it whilst actively tanking. If you want to have a strong DR ability on a frequent cd, glyph survival instincts. I would disagree with him about the benefits of maintaining faerie fire, it is a low damage ability that is only really worth using when out of range to do anything else. The debuff does nothing useful in a fight where your enemy doesn't try using stealth.


You should be using bonus armour potions rather than agility, unless you use HotW which you aren't. I'd recommend trying to line up berserk with TW since it lets you spam mangle and, as already mentioned, this is your best ability.


I see that you had one proc of DoC during the fight and that it went unused, and it looks like this coincided with a point where your hp went extremely low. You would get more procs if you improved your mangle usage, and it is typically a really powerful heal as you should have a lot of resolve if you need to use it. If you don't need it you can always throw it onto someone else that does.


I'll end by saying that my personal preference for stats is to go with high mastery. It helps keep your %age hp high and I feel that it makes it easier overall on your healers.


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@ Zircadraeya - I guess i was referring more to the fact that Delaila had lacerate and thrash up.  his log showed FF also and i was just regurgitation data..  FF does do a little DPS while in bear form and yes should probably be forsaken for more useful ability.  my apologies with the confusion there. 

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What Zirc said is correct, Mangle is your highest priority cast, and should pretty much be kept on cooldown. 91% uptime on Lacerate is good - aim for 80ish once you talent Pulverize (which is substantially better than Bristling Fur, unless you need an extra defensive CD for whatever reason). 


Make sure to prepot at 1 seconds on the pull timer, so you have your second potion to use during the fight. Your first berserk was fine, but try to line your second berserk with Lust. If you pop berserk alongside your second potion you will be solid. Also be sure to spam Mangle while berserking, you should only use a single GCD to refresh your Lacerate during 'zerk,


In terms of stats- Multi pulls ahead of mastery slightly, but both are perfectly viable. Mastery is especially good for newer tanks, as the shield it gives you requires less management. Never stack stamina, you should get more than enough from mastery/multi gear. You should use greater draenic stamina flasks though. Also try to get some Hyper Augment Runes. Gem mastery or multi, depending on your choice.

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