MM Stampede problems? [glyph]

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[using Lone Wolf]

#1 How does Glyph of Stampede work, it copies your first pet?


#2 Without the glyph, which pets are going to be summoned from stable?

I used to play BM, and I actively keep 1-2 spirit beasts with me, but such pet can't be summoned by MM. So I noticed that only 3 pets were being summoned at Stampede.
But with glyph, and having only 1 non exotic pet in inventory, it summoned 5, except damage was really low.

Any tips?

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Ok, so, what the glyph does is makes it do that Stampede summons 5 copies of one pet, and for MM it would be the first non-exotic pet with you. All damage meters (skada, recount, details, WCL) will show all the damage done as by one pet, since they are all copies of that one pet.

Without the glyph as MM, Stampede summons all non-exotic pets and one copy of the first non-exotic pet for each exotic pet you have with you. Damage meters will separate out the different pets, but will again lump the copies all together.

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There used to be an issue with Lone Wolf + Stampede + Exotic Pets. The issue #1 is fixed. Stampede should work normally if you carry exotic pets with you, even if you're not using the Stampede glyph. 




Using the Stampede minor glyph would just make it summon 5 hyenas from the #1 slot. It's pretty much a cosmetic change. 


I'd still advise you to not put any exotic pets in slot #1, but otherwise it should work fine.

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