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Stats Confusion

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Was finally able to give some more love to my destro lock, still leveling. I'd like to get things straight, but the stats confuse me a lot. (I always follow you guys, but......)


Icy Veins: Int - Mastery - Crit - Haste - Multi - Versatility


MMO Champion: Int - Mastery - Crit - Multi - Haste - Veratility


Mr Robot: Int - Crit - Mastery - Multi - Haste - Veratility


What's the best to follow now, as leveing gear is already a hassle.


Thx for the help

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1) Stat weights make a VERY small part of your DPS. Worry about game play and fight mechanics, not stats.

2) Exact stat weights depend on  a lot of factors, so if things are slightly different don't be shocked. Master>all else is the important take away.

3) You're still leveling...it doesn't matter...at all.

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