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frost mage poor dps

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I just had a quick look at your logs for Iskar and your armory.


The armory says, that you are wildly enchantet but with mastery, haste and multistrike. I don't know what this is about, but you should deffinatly choose one of your specs and enchant it for this. Frost - Multistrike, Arcane Mastery (without 4p bonus) or Haste (with 4p bonus).

I would although recommend to use Unstable Magic in all of your fights as a Frostmage and if you're using Rune of Power you really should stay inside as long as you can. 72% on Iskar is really bad...

Last thing is, that you should bind the Water Jet of your Waterelemental to a key, to use it in the right moment, to get maximum procs and only use it if you've got no procs at all.

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So there were some things I noticed in your armory. Frost is a niche spec that excels at cleaving on a couple targets. In order to do this however you need to be using glyph of splitting ice. glyph of water elemental is pretty much useless on most fights. Also, you should be using unstable magic now that you have your class trinket as you will be spamming a lot more frost bolts to weave your ice lances. for Iskar i would recommend taking thermal void as your tier 7 talent because you can time your icy veins to stay up a lot longer during add phases. you should also have been using prismatic crystal on socrethar instead of comet storm. You are reaching the point in your gear where PC and TV out scale comet storm. Also use IF instead of RoP if you can't stay in it for over 90% of the fight.


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