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Heroic Progression Order

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Hi, I was just wondering what everyone's take on the order should be for a guild doing heroic progression. Earlier this week we really started progression now that we actually had a full raid group for once, and got 3 progression bosses down: Sha of Fear, Heroic Feng, and Heroic Gara'jal. We had been plagued by disappearances, IRL issues, and a plethora of other problems before now, but finally our group is looking solid, so I'm here to ask what the easiest order is for the heroic bosses.

As of now, I feel Stone Guards is the easiest, then Gara'jal, then Feng from what I've seen so far, but I'm not sure where to go from here. We are attempting Heroic Elegon later this weekend which feels like a very easy fight from the descriptions and such compared to what I would have expected after it being the hardest in regular. We aren't touching Spirit Kings for a long while, but other than that I have no clue what to expect from the rest of the encounters.

Thanks in advance for all your input.

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Spirit kings is not bad any more. Ever since they put heroic on a fixed order, it is better. The hardest thing about spirit kings is your transition form Quaind to Subetai. We popped hero right at 30% hp of Quaing to finish him off before Subetai had a chance to volley or pinning arrow and fuck us over while we were stacked.

For my 25 man this is our expected order

Stone Guard -> Feng -> Gara'jal -> Tay'ek (2nd boss HoF) -> Spirit Kings -> Elegon -> Will of the Emperor -> Garalon -> Mel'jarak (4th boss HoF) -> Lei Shi (current progression) -> Zor'lok -> Amber-shaper -> Shek'zeer -> Protectors -> Tsulong -> Sha.

If you have downed Gara'jal, I would say that Tay'ek would be a great place to go next. I would suggest that you KEEP FARMING YOUR FARM BOSSES. Don't let progression get in the way of free upgrades.. Unfortunatly, we don't do that, but it's not my decision to make. Just a reccomendation.

Mel'jarak is VERY easy as well. He can even be done before Will of the Emperor if you want to. We killed him the same night we killed Garalon.

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