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Stat Priority

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On icyveins it says that crit and ms are the main secondaries, but on sim craft its ms > haste > mastery


This is consistent at 705, 720, and 735 ilvls and now I'm confused as to what im meant to focus on


It also says haste is better on askmrrobot too, any answers?

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I believe that with 4pc haste becomes better and the guide needs more on how 4pc and class trinket interact with stats.


For arcane , You can go on haste with 4pcs for sure.. but for frost ... I really don't know yet ...

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Same doubt here.


Crit is not bad, but I thinks its just not worth putting priority on, because you will lose so much of the other stats.


My feeling (I am playing mainly Arcane) says that the priority is somehow MS > Haste >=Mastery > Crit. (With the 4pc bonus).


With my Arcanegear, stacking Haste&Mastery mainly, I can still match in DPS if I switch to Frost for some fights.

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