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Hi, guys, As a big fan of CW, I've tested some decks recently and finally got something good atm in ladder. The deck above is quite competitive right now, pretty standard one and gave me fast laddering till rank 5.


My overall winrate with  CW is above 80% from Rank 10 to Rank 5 (have changed slightly the deck several times).


Actually I've reached Rank 7 to Rank 5 without losing a single game. Besides several big misplays from myself, I can say that CW is alive and everyone who is interested can see the win streak R7>R5 in the video below! I will put a guide tomorrow, very tired right now.


My win streak R7 > R5 was made againsts: 


Druid, Patron Warrior, Dragon Priest, Secret Paladin, Demon Handlock, Secret Paladin, Secret Paladin


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