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T18 4 PC Dest/Aff - Worth it?

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Hi All.


First off, thanks for taking the time to come and read my post.


I can’t decide if it is worth it to replace my heroic gear with normal tier just to reach 4 piece. This is for both destro and aff, in heroic HFC.


For destro, I would be replacing heroic Ancient Gorestained Wrap (chest) ilvl 710 and heroic Amice of Phantasmal Power ilvl 710 (shoulders with a socket bonus).


For affliction, I would replace heroic Mantle of the Eredar Lord ilvl 720, and the same heroic Ancient Gorestained Wrap ilvl 710.


I’m concerned that I’ll loose a ton of intellect replacing the pieces with 695 gear, and I’ll be swapping out optimal stats for mediocre, or even sub-par ones.


My question is: is the 4 piece for both aff and dest respectively, actually worth it? Does the item level variance make up for the 4 piece, and are the stats lost justified? If so, why? (I’m more concerned with the why rather than a yes/no answer).



Thanks again for your help.

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Yes, it is most definitely worth it. The Affliction set bonuses are insanely powerful (in one Dark Soul you could have a 50 sec uptime on Haunt and not refresh it). The Destro set bonus is also quite worth it. Free Chaos Bolts are great, especially in AoE situations. During Heroic progression I still rocked the 2 pc/2 pc combo from tier 17/18 for a while even though I had gear 20+ ilvls higher. Your set bonuses are worth quite a lot more than a little Intellect.

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Thank you very much for your reply!


My concern is also about the secondary stats and replacing haste/mastery in aff with crit/multi and also losing intellect, but from what I've read that still doesn't matter, even with a 15-25 ilvl disparity. 

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