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What should I look for in my preist logs?

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Dammit I F'd up "preist" lol

I do "ok" as a disc priest, I am usually top two out of three, 3 out of 5, etc but as a newer Disc Priest I would like to begin evaluating my logs to improve performance.

What should I be looking for, is there a priest log tutorial out there?

Thank you in advance!

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No tutorial that i know of but a few things to look at are:


  • Archangel uptime - 18seconds uptime every 30 seconds means you can achieve theoretically 60% uptime if you start with evangelism stacks. Anything above 50% is acceptable.
  • Ensuring that when you do pop AA you are using it at 5 stacks.
  • Timing of the empowered archangel buff, is it being used to pre blanket before big damage or held and wasted?
  • 2 set tier 18 uptime (reparation) - Use of penance on cd(or close to)
  • weakened soul debuff uptime on tanks - 100%(or high) uptime means you could not have prevented any more damage with PW:s than you did for incoming tank damage.
  • Mana Usage - you want to ensure you are using solace/mindbender on cooldown and not waste any of the mana regen. If you finish the fight with a significant amount of mana then there was more shielding you could have done.
  • Halo/cascade - used on cd when archangel is up for maximum throughput


These would be a few good places to start.


Happy Killing


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