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Sigils of Power/Wisdom

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Ladies and Gents,

I've been a Troll on here for quite some time but I seem to be having a dilema. I'll start out by saying that I run 2 toons, A Prot Palli and a Shadow Priest both of which I call my mains. I also have a few other 90's but just for the times I want to play something different.

Now my issue:

On Christmas day on my Pali I was at 9 Power and 10 Wisdom getting so close for my Legendary Gem and 8 and 8 on my Priest, Weekly reset while I was doing some dailies so I went LFR on my Pali for that last Power. Well I got it off the Spiritbinder. Yeah... went and finished the quest line and got right back in LFR for the Sha. got the quest Item and used a Coin and got the one hander....Posted Image Yeah me!!! New Tanking sword... Im all set. Get the Gem, socket into my new sword. Decided I had some time I'll grab the Priest and try LFR for what I needed to do it again.

NOW since Christmas I have run Vaults 6 times in LFR.... 36 boss kills... run again as a normal with the guild for a total of 32 boss kills. I have also done Terrace all 6 times for another 24 boss kills... and HoF 6 times for 36 more boss kills. So if my math is correct I have had a chance at Power 102 times and a chance at Wisdom 60 times.Posted Image

Question... Everything I have read, seen and asked was that Vaults only drops Power and HoF only drops Wisdom while Terrace has a chance to drop either. Am I right? Why is it that on my Priest I now have 67 Wisdom and still only 8 Power. I am getting Wisdom from Vaults and I didn't think that was even in the loot table. I am not sure that since I have the legendary Gem on 1 toon already if you are now unable to get it on a second toon.... I mean come on no ones luck at getting 2 Power from 102 trys can be that bad....

Any help or thoughts on this would be helpful.



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You can forget the thought of not being able ot get it on other toons, I do so you can get it as well.

However, working on the third one now my self, I notice the drop rate is horendously (spelling) low, Did get the sigils pretty fast before but now lucky if i get run over all the runs.

Not sure what is going on....

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It's all really pretty random and also depends on how many people are on the quest line in your group. If a set boss in LFR has a chance to drop 3 sigils and 5 people are on the quest line the odds for you to get one are a lot better than if 15 people are on the quest line. It seems that right now a lot more of the less adept players are getting to the point of being geared for LFR so many of them will be competing for those sigils though it will take a bit longer for them to start hitting the LFR where a 470 item level is required so your chance to get a sigil there for now is much higher.

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FWIW, I started running LFR late December. I quickly got to 8/8 Power/Wisdom. Then Power dried up and went away. Before this week's reset I was at 8/19. Hadn't seen a Power in weeks. But last night I ran (2 horrible) LFRs and got 2 more Power. I guess it really is random. I guess don't give up hope and pray to the RNG gods!


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