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<Weepi> my list of PvP Macros

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hey guys.

Just a list of my pvp Macros to those who are intrested:

#showtooltip shadowfury

/cast !shadowfury

lets you spamm the Shadowfury button without cancel/active the skill.

Teleport - all in one.

#showtooltip Demonic Circle: Teleport

/cast [mod:alt] Demonic Circle: Summon; [nomod] Demonic Circle: Teleport;

/cast [mod:ctrl] Demonic Gateway

clicking alt + decided button = setting up portal

clicking on decided button = using teleport

clicking ctrl + decided button = casting gateway

#showtooltip Fear

/cast [@mouseover,harm] Fear; [harm] Fear

mouse over fear macro

#showtooltip Shadowburn


/cast Shadowburn

stop casting, and casting shadowburn fast (on 20% its important to have this macro, so you can land a kill fast)

#showtooltip Dark Regeneration


/cast Archimonde's Vengeance

/cast Dark Regeneration

if you have Archimone's Vengeance and you forget to you use it, this macro will you it on your last target, and at the same time it will heal you with Dark Regeneration.

#showtooltip Curse of the Elements


/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Curse of the Elements

/cast [nomodifier:shift] Curse of the Elements

shift + decided button = will cast CoE on focus target.

clicking on decided button = will cast CoE on current target.

* replacing the skill name can make this macro work on any skill (fear/mortal coil/other curses, etc)


good macro if you using KJC and want to fake cast.

Hope you find this thread helpfull. feel free to ask any question/for more macros.

I made this thread after few ppl from my stream asked me to show my macros, I decided to post it here because by that I can send them here, and also help the other people in the forum at the same time.

If you intrested in warlock PoV PvP stream, make sure to check:


Enjoy :)

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