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Dps is poor for my item level

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I'm the only ret paladin in the guild so I don't have anyone to really gauge it across but it seems pretty low. My ring is behind maybe 2 weeks from a lot of the other people in guild.  I try switching from divine purpose and sanctified wrath between single target and aoe fights. Sometime's I'll do good but it seems so rng dependent. 


I have logs,l I'm hoping that will help





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A few things, first of all I notice from your character sheet that your stats aren't bad, though your mastery is a little low for your item level. Itemize for mastery over all else, as crit/multi/haste are all pretty even after that (though I prefer str>mastery>haste to cut down on downtime between wings) But that's a minor thing.  Your stats aren't so far out of the ballpark as to put you so low on percentile.


Secondly, do you use the libram on every fight?  If so I'd strongly suggest picking up an unending hunger asap.  I only use the libram on a couple fights (kormrok, Fel Lord, and tyrant) where there are next to no adds to switch to and my uptime on the boss is constant.  Aside from that, the huge amount of crit on unending hunger and its strength proc make it a better alternative when I need to swap to adds or break away from the boss due to mechanics. (this is my personal opinion, I haven't run it through simcraft or anything, just what I noticed through trial and error.  I perform better on most fights without the libram despite it being a very nice damage buff)


Aside from that, (since I'm not used to WC logs, I'm kind of guessing here)  What I usually do is to blow all 3 charges of wings early in the fight, and from there on out only use them when the ring is popped.  Lining those up pushes the ring's explosion a little further up on my damage done.  Also, watch out for avoidable damage- reacting to mechanics and hits is where I used to lose a LOT of my damage.  If you can move pro-actively to a spot where you won't need to worry about mechanics or if you can use a bubble/dive prot to more or less cheese some of the movement heavy things, you can get more uptime.


I really can't say for sure what the problem is just looking at logs, though.  If you were in my guild I'd pull you into a group and make you hit a training dummy to make sure that your dps was good with no mechanics before trying to break down in-fight behavior.  In general, I'd say keep movement to a minimum (if you like to dance while you hit things, stop that habit.  tapping strafe keys kills dps I promise you)  Remain raid aware and move to avoid mechanics of course, but other than that maximize your uptime and rotation on the boss (or important adds).  Situational awareness is the most important part of being a dps - you don't have to worry about health bars or taunt rotations, so as long as you know your rotation your attention can be focused on the fight.


If you think it'll help to look at someone else's logs, here are mine (I'm not the best, but I usually pull ~90th percentile)



and my armory to compare, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Korgath/Riorion/advanced


Best of luck to you with getting your numbers fixed, a strong ret is always a good piece to have in any raid group.

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