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New Player - question about Pyroblast

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I'm a new player using a mage, I've been playing Hearthstone for a couple of days.

Today I was playing a regular 'play' game against a Paladin and I had 18 life points remaining he had about 16.

He played a couple of minions and maybe a spell (I'm unsure what these were because it happened super quick) and in the same turn he then played two Pyroblasts one after the other and destroyed me. The last thing I think I saw (and maybe I'm wrong) is that the 2nd pyroblast may have only cost 2 mana to cast.

My question is how did the Paladin cast two Pyroblasts in one go? I thought they were only for mages but also they cost 10 mana no?

I didn't have any pyroblasts inmy deck so he didn't get them from me in fact it's the first time i'd even seen a pyroblast.

Let me know if anyone has any idea how this single turn attack was possible.

Serious replies from expert players please. Thanks.



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It either was a glitch or you simply saw something else and mistook it. 

If you have a HearthStone deck tracker, send me a replay. 

There is a possibility he used Nefarian/Saraad and had Thaurissan for a really long time on the board, making it possible for him to have 2 pyroblasts at really low cost. However, it is not really probable.

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The same thing happened to me a while ago, but it was long enough ago that I don't remember the details, however I was playing a mage.  It was the 2 pyroblasts in one turn that I remember.

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