Prot Paladin Haste "Fix"

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This kind of topic will probably show up everywhere, but i want the Icy Veins Opinion.

To sum up the change:

Grand Crusader Will No Longer proc off of CS/HotR hits, but will instead proc off of your successful Parry / Dodge at a rate of 30%.

So to sum up the down-sides to this:

Our Damage will be over-all lower using a Haste Centred Build.

Our Damage while Not tanking will be completely and utterly nerfed

So in my opinion our Stat Priority will be:

Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (15%) > Haste > Parry/Dodge > Mastery

So what has this actually done?

It hasn't Devalued Haste

It Hasn't Valued Avoidance enough

It has Devalued Mastery as a result of the above

Decreased our already low damage

In raids i use Strength Flask and Strength food, 20% haste and i struggle to do more than 40k dps in raids. Avengers Shield accounts for ~20% of my overall damage.

So i do believe we are pretty much the same as usual?

Logs from latest raids:

Castery - EU Sylvanas

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I noticed this post and realize it is about a mouth old. To update you on The passive grand crusader function it still does work with crusader strike and hammer of the rightous but also now it actives with dodge and parry. It was reduced from the 30% it was to 12%. So you can still get a proc on your avenger's shield by hitting your target but the added bonus of avoiding it as well. I do not know if this is actually a nerf or not.

As for me I will continue with my haste build and keeping mastery in 2nd. (not counting hit/expertise since this should be a given). I feel there is not enough dodge and parry currently to make these stats more imporant to mastery which will overall reduce the damage taken instead of hoping to avoid it.

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