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affliction pvp help please

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Nuzzyfutts(epidemics#1853)- Bleeding Hollow
Stat Priority Mastery=Multistrike>intell>haste>crit>ver
haste 15.47%
Cloak,Neck,Ringx2- Gift of multistrike
Weapon- Mark of Bleeding Hollow
Trinkets: 670 pvp trinks atm.
+549 to stam
+244 to mastery
Which is best two 700 pvp trinkets for affliction warlock?
T-15 I use harvest life 50% more dmg 100% healing from drain life. Also use glyph of drain life to increase healing another 100% from drain life. Should i keep this or use dark regen?
T-30 Shadowfury for stuns enough said.
T-45 Dark Bargin, Sacrifical Pact, Soul Link? Im in question. Which is best? I use Dark Bargin ATM.
T-60 Blood Horror over burning rush & unbound will? who needs extra dmg and use trink for impairing effects am i right?
T-75 Grimoire Sacrifice cause it increases Drain life and Drain soul by 25% but i sacrifice pet? is this worth it or should i use Grimore of service or supremacy?
T-90 Archimonde’s Darkness for 2 Dark soul Charges or should i use Kil’Jaedens Cunning to allow movement during cast time to help LoS?
T-100 Soulburn:Haunt i have understanding what it does, But if im using Grimore of Sacrifice should i use Demonic Servitude?
Drain life – Stacked with Harvest Life (talent) increases healing 200% does it work like this?
Soul Swap- 27 more seconds to swap souls?
Unstable Affliction- Reduce cast time by 25%

So should i open with Dots then Haunt? or haunt the Dot?
Which pet is best used for PvP?( i know based on talents) just looking for feedback.
Before Any Combat open Gates and Demon Tele to help LoS casters and melee

Please add any comments bout anything i might have wrong.

Thank you,
Nuzzyfutts(epidemics#1853)- Bleeding Hollow

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That...is a very strangely formatted post.


Good luck, this isn't a real thriving PvP community so I don't know if there will be people that can help you.

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Yes the glyph stacks with the talent,

personally i'd get DoTs up before haunt just because if you get CCd dots are rolling still and when you get out then you can get your haunt up,

Glyph of soul swap is a must for pretty much the same reason, if you soul swap without glyph and get CCd then bye bye soul shard, though with the 2 peice you'll be getting the soul shard back anyway.

Pets depends entirely on who you're facing, use a felhunter vs casters for the counterspell and a succubus vs mellee for knockback.  With sacrifice you can sacrifice a voidwalker to get the shadow bulwark ability which is a pretty good "oh shit" button.

And yes as soon as you get out of gates put gateway up, it's pretty much the only time you'll be able to get that cast off.


As for talents its entirely up to playstyle for many of the choices, especially row 3, personally i use sacrificial pact. Dark bargain can just delay a sticky situation where as sacrificial pact is a straight up sheild. (combo shadow bulwark and sacrificial pact can get you a pretty big sheild, but then you're sacrificing your own health for a sheild so it's a bit subjective).

Soulburn:haunt all the way mate


Think i pretty much answered everything but don't take my word too seriously i aint exactly amazing myself wink.png


Oh and drain only when you're going full HAM or you'll just get CS'd

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Well.. To start off, who/what gave you that stat priority? Im pretty sure its the same as PvE with vers being better than multi and crit. So basically Mastery = Haste > Vers > Multi > Crit. Its essentially choosing more damage vs more utility - with mastery giving a bit more damage but haste allowing faster casts and easier jukes. You could also enchant half and half.

Two best trinkets assuming non-human would be the Vers medallion (which is a 7% dmg increase by itself) and for the most part the intellect/Vers on use trinket as it gives on demand burst. The proc trink technically would get more dmg in total assuming you always have DoTs rolling - but it would never allign perfectly for when you NEED that dmg (bursting down a healer/DPS.).

T15 - talent choice seems fine. Dark regen is pretty pathetic for the most part and you dont get enough drain soul dmg for soul leech to help.

T30 - easy choice, yep.

T45 - Dark bargain is pretty bad compared to sacrificial pact and soul link, ESPECIALLY if youre running GoSac (Voidwalker + Pact is super strong, although youll usually want to start with a felstalker if theres enemy casters.) Soul Link is viable if youre using GoSac also.

T60 - They all have their uses, but Blood Horror is usually best. Unbound Will would be good if you know youre gonna get trained.

T75 - GoSac vs GoSup... GoSac gives more survivability with the many combos it gives and could do more dmg if you get enough channel off. GoSup would allow you to get more damage in on the run - as at lower lvls of PvP people dont really kill pets. But I believe GoSac is generally better.

T90 - Archimondes Darkness if you believe you wont be trained otherwise Kil'Jaedens Cunning is generally always better.

T100 - Soulburn: Haunt, no question. Demonic Servitude shouldnt really ever be considered and neither should Cataclysm obviously.

Glyph of Drain Life is a go to since youre using Harvest Life -- otherwise this is really personal pref, although I recommend Glyph of UA and Glyph of Unending Resolve/Glyph of Healthstone.

Keep in mind this is keeping the talents/items for MAX DMG - there are plenty of ways to play. But this is strictly for dmg other than talking about survivability talents.

Precast gateway/circle before combat, yep. Finally you should apply DoTs then haunt. That way youre applying pressure from the get-go.

Hope this helps.

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