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Questions about the DK's

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hello just started playing my dk again for the hell of it and want to get better with it. atm i am running DW frost and get good numbers (i think) for my 695 ilvl (About 35-40k depending on the fight.) But after looking at the forms here and im wondering if Frost is the way to go. asked trade and we all know how that goes so i thought i would ask you kind people.



So for a player who is going to be at a normal/ heroic ilvl of the game what would be better Frost or unholy?


From what many of you have said Unholy is alot better but it also sounds as it talks about end game mythic gear, this i dont think i will ever see. 


 Also if Unholy is still better  for the content i will be seeing is there an easier guide that can help me learn how to play it. Testing it out on dummies Unholy is much lower dps wise than frost.


Thank you in advance for helping me become a better DK.

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in my humble opinion you should play whatever spec you like the most. 

i myself play an unholy DK because ive played it since wrath of the lich king when they first came out.

It looks like you are not exactly minmaxing (= getting the very best results by going for every enhancement and things like rotation etc. as perfect as possible) you shouldn't be picking one over the other because it's better wearing full mythic gear.

I think for someone like you (and me) the difference in numbers on the meter is in general very small. 

I like unholy alot and I will probably always do. 


follow your heart and find whatever suits your playstyle best.



P.S. this post by demonardvark is a very good guide on playing unholy with Necrotic plague. 

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