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Heirloom Trinket Question

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  I just jumped back into raiding after a long hiatus and am moving past normal HFC to heroic HFC.  I've read all the sim data for MM trinkets and understand that mythic trinkets outpace the heirloom trinket easily even against demons.


  Since I don't have access to mythic yet when is the proper time to stop using the heirloom trinket against demons?  


  Currently my trinket choices are (all Normal) Fel-Spring Coil (S), Malicious Censor and Chipped Soul Prism.  My thought is that the demon buff on the heirloom probably still outpaces at least one of these but I haven't found any data to back that up.  Can you offer your opinion please?  Thank you. 

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Thank you Orthios,


  That guide is actually causing me some confusion but maybe I am misunderstanding the data.  The screen shot of the logs has 3 separate entries for the Heirloom trinket:


112,527 "Heirloom_DEMON" (at the top of the list)

108,167 "Heirloom_Trinket" (listed above the Normal Censer and Coil but under the Prism)

108,116 "Heirloom_DEMON" (listed just under the previous entry)



  So if we make the assumption that the 3rd entry can't be correct and take first two as accurate then the guide is saying that the heirloom trinket is on par with BiS (against Demons) and better than the mythic Censer, Mirror and Coil.  In the recommendations it usually has it fourth depending on the fight.  I guess either way my answer would be to keep using it on Demon fights until I progress into mythic.  Is this the correct way to interpret the data?


Thank you.

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