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Are you an Hpally looking to increase your healing #s?

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Hey guys,


I've noticed a few posts on here asking about Hpally healing.  Some looking to improve their healing or find out why they might be doing a little less than they should be at a certain Ilvl.  I'm posting this here for all of y'all to be able to contact me in game and have all your Hpally questions answered.  I am 13/13 mythic cleared and sitting at 742 Ilvl.  I've been playing an Hpally since Vanilla and have extensive knowledge with the class.  


If you are tired of getting beat on fights and want to push your healing to the next level please add me on real ID and let's get to work!  


real id jebbo#1367

Pally name Nictitate-whisperwind if you would like to search logs and or armory.  


I am happy to answer anything and everything concerning Hpally.


Best of luck to you all,



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Question: Is Selfless Healer viable without the Archi trinket? I've got so much damn spirit and crit that I can sustain a HS+FL+FL rotation (replacing FL2 with HP or HL or whatever) pretty much indefinitely. I just haven't been lucky with getting the trinket that would make it really perfect.

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