Warlock looking for pointers for even better DPS

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I've had some decent luck getting my DPS numbers up, I think there is still plenty of room for improvement. I'm asking the community here to help me out. I'm open to any adjustments, constructive feedback, etc.


1. Armory:

2. AMR:'zhul/nuberiat

3. Latest WarcraftLogs:


thank you in advance for any feedback!



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  • Why haste? Haste is best for pure ST, something that almost never happens in a raid. Mastery gems/enchants will serve you a LOT better.

Iron Reaver:

  •  Cataclysm on Iron Reaver is a HUGE mistake; cataclysm as Aff is a huge mistake. Soul Burn: Haunt is your best friend and only lvl 100 talent option.
  • UGoS is multi-target only, if you have a DIS you need to be using it. If you don't have one, get one asap.
  • Only one pot used.



  • Only 44% uptime on SB:H buff on HHC, this is about 50% lower than it should be. You need to be keeping this buff up as close to 100% as humanly possible.
  • UGoS again, bad pick if you have other options.
  • When was this lust used? Looks like a really weird place for it. Not your fault, but fixing it would help the raid a lot.

Kilrogg Deadeye:

  • 56% uptime on SB:H, again REALLY low. Need to fix that.
  • Only 1 pot used.
  • DoTs were 98%, 96%, and 97%. Good, but can be better. 99.5% for all three is doable and should be done.


  • UGoS, ew.
  • 84% uptime on UA is really bad.
  • 74% uptime on SB:H is worse.


  • *I* wouldn't play Aff on Iskar, but if your guild has zero problems on it then go for it. I just love to blow the fight up in destro.
  • 80% UA uptime is really bad
  • 57% uptime on SB:H is worse.


I didn't look at the rest of the fights, I've seen enough to find a trend.


Your uptimes on DoTs need work. Your uptime on SB:H buff needs a HUGE amount of work. Get a DSI ASAP.

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I imagine this is primarily a UI issue because there's no way with a proper UI you'd have more uptime on your weapon enchant than Haunting Spirits.  


My UI has a big Haunting Spirits icon with a countdown and then it yells at me when it has <9s left to remind me to reapply it during pandemic range.  It helps me plan my shards when it has a long duration and be ready to reapply when I need.


I don't see being shard starved is your issue - you're certainly casting enough Haunts throughout an encounter, but you're just failing to re-apply SB:Haunt at the right time.


Sort that out and you'll see HUGE improvements.  Just remember, SB:Haunt+Haunting Spirits 100% is FAR GREATER than regular Haunt uptime.  

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