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Retri Pala 708 ilvl - review stats

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Hi guys, 


I'm rolling a retri paladin since WoD came out , with a year break :) , but I managed to reach 708 ilvl without an active guild in the past 2 months or so.  


Here is the armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Byak%C3%BCya/simple


I do not have the logs , but I can say that starting burst on non mobile fight (REver 1st phase , or Zakun or Normal diff) I can pull up to 90-100k (with BL/TW , ring and AW) , then it drops down to 45-55k (this is the stable dps). 


Tried to stack mastery as much as I can , then I thought what should be next , and reading the guide in here crit or multistrike was next . So i picked crit for my next stat, but I kinda feel a bottleneck somewhere, I doing the rotation pretty well , but something is kinda blocking me getting a much higher stable dps. 


Can someone please review my toon and check the stats on the armory. I feel like I don't stack the right stats here (except mastery) . 


Any tips and suggestions are kindly appreciated. Thanks. 

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In the meantime I've reached 710 iLVL , also got the mythic heilroom trinket. 


My dps is still around 50-55k , the stable DPS . The burst dps goes up to 90k , but this doesn't last long its more like a spike . 



Here is the armory link: 




I have 25% crit , 60% mastery , 4,6% Haste and 6.2% Multistrike - this without any buffs - and the 4 pieces of set from LFR . 


As I mentioned above I 've focused more on Mastery. 


Any suggestions ?

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