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wow Blue Tweets: General Legion Updates #8

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The blues have been busy once again over on Twitter and the forums. Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest information about Legion!


Our first tweet concerns how mana pools will interact with gear in Legion. Prior to the standard mana pools we have now, players could influence the amount of mana they had through stacking intellect. This meant players with more gear would have more mana. This was then standardised based on the level of the player in question, in order to ensure some level of fairness between healers with different gear.


There was also very little point in keeping the different mana pools since lower rank spells were removed. This meant two healers with different gear levels were using the same amount of mana anyway, due to %-based mana costs.



Our next tweet is looking at the potential changes being made to cosmetic glyphs in Legion. While we have seen very little of the system so far, Blizzard have indicated that the cosmetic glyphs will become a form of toy. Players were concerned that this might mean they are changed to have a fixed duration with a fixed cooldown, similar to many of the other cosmetic toys. This would mean deaths in raids might cause the glyphs to fall off before they can be renewed. 



If you’ve ever been in a dungeon or battleground, you’ve most likely encountered the “vote to kick” and deserter system. While we saw some flaws in the system in WoD, such as the Ashran deserter buff or guild groups kicking solo players, it was generally a good system when it was not abused. It looks like players have visited Twitter to request changes to the system in Legion, but the developers aren’t sure what to change. It looks like they are open to suggestion, but they do not see any problem with the system currently, or do not have a better alternative.



Ever since the idea of account-wide titles, achievements and mounts entered the game, players have constantly been asking when certain features will also become account-wide. In today’s tweet, a player asked if we might see the “old-school” PvP titles become account-wide so that all characters can use the associated transmog items.



Our last tweet of the day is looking at the use of artifact talents in PvP for Legion. While they have been confirmed as being a large part of PvE, there has been no PvP testing, so we aren’t yet sure of how they might work there. The developers confirmed that some of the talents might be adjusted to fit the PvP-system better, but they will definitely be present.


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