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Simple math question (I hope) The 6 pc bonus for the Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence set states that "your generators, Multishot, and vengeance deal 20% damage for every point of discipline you have" - essentially everything a MS DH uses.

Focus and Restraint are the popular rings for this set up. They add 50% damage for 6 seconds after using a resource spender or generator. As they dont stack, this means 100% extra damage, if I understand this correctly.

On the other hand,some other rings , like manald heal or soj( but not focus or restraint) can have their secondary skills enchanted to achieve up to 12 discipline each.

This would  total 24x20% =480% damage...much more than 100%..

AsI am sure I am crunching these numbers incorrectly, could someone please set me straight?

thx, MK

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