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Resto shaman help

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Hello everybody, I just came back from a shaman break, playing other classes and doing other stuff, but as I wanted to go back to raiding, I had to dust my resto shaman.

Yet, I feel as if I'm doing subpar heals, especially comparing to the other heals:


Warcraft Logs: Upper floor








Yes, I am aware of the lack of enchant on the cloak and gem on the ring. It's on the way.


I would need some enligthement on what I'm doing wrong! Thanks!

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First of all, reading logs isn't my strong suit, and reading healer logs is the worst. That said, here's the low-hanging fruit:


-You have mediocre trinket choices equipped (the Archimonde trinket is particularly weak). I'd take Phylactery/Emulsion/Felspark in any combination over these. 


-For my tastes stat-wise, you're high on spirit and crit (note that you're using surge over wave and you're still never below 20% mana--only rarely below 60%--in these logs) and low on haste. You run with the gear you have access to, obviously, but worth considering.


-You have some 5 min+ fights with only one Tide. If CDs are under control of your RL, this isn't your fault, but this is a huge percentage of your total throughput.


-You're running with an overgeared group including a disc, which wrecks your numbers. Remember, RSham loses more HPS than most from having a disc in group, since the shields don't just take away possible healing but also weaken the effects of your mastery. 


I will leave the more detailed log-munching for those who can do it better. That's what I've got for you.

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Thanks for the advice!


I know that these trinkets aren't the best, but as you said, I do with what I have. I'm definitely waiting for other trinkets to drop. Same for gear.


As the days came by, I realised that it was a bit foolish to create this topic, considering the fact that indeed, there were a lot of high Ilvl healers taking all the heals. Reasons why I only HHT once is because there was no need for it elsewhere, as the others took care of them. I even got lucky if I managed to pop my HTT at the right time, as there were almost always another cooldown coming with it.


Thanks for your time! 



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Since FluffyCally gave a nice overview of some of resto shaman aspects, I wont touch that. I looked over your logs and I see some problems that can be improved upon;


1. I see this on a lot of rshams, even good ones. You take Call of the Elements yet you do not use it. You can squeeze in 2-3 more HST on long fights. Use it!!!


2. When you're overgearing content and want still want to have good numbers, AS is your friend. Echo is really good during progression or fights where 2 links are good, but thats about it. Personally I only use Echo for Tyrant(M) and Mannoorth(M) for that specific purpose. Having 2 riptides can be good, even on farm though, it could be a playstyle thing, but personally I do a bit more healing with AS.


3. You have strangely few casts. I looked over my own logs to compare and your Chain Heal casts are really low. I dont know what you're filling your globals with, wether you're just jumping around if there's nothing to heal of if you're just spamming Riptide and HST.


4. Cast damage spells. I have my EB, lava burst and lightning bolt macroed for focus target and current target. If there's nothing to do, cast damage spells. Remember to have Flame Shock up for extra damage!


5. Ascendance usage. A really strong CD that you're not using enough. Same with your HTT. If your raid leader assigns CDs, ask him for some freedom or to use your CDs more frequently. Shaman CDs are good regardless of your gear. The lower they are, the more you heal, even if the other healers outgear you. 


6. Try out different talents. Dont just go with the cookie cutter builds you see on other shamans


Since you logged off as enh, I cant comment on your gear. I will however give you tips on what weps/trinkets you're aiming for. Weapons are easy. If it has mastery on, its good for you. BiS is Edict from Archi, but Zakuun wep paired with either tyrant shield or manno offhand is also great. 


For Trinkets, its DP and either IG or Felspark IMO.


For offset, Tyrant legs (optimal) or Tyrant Shoulders.

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