HotS: Blizzard Lowering In-Game Real Money Prices for Russia

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Blizzard has brought down the prices for real money purchases in Russia by 30%.


Original Announcement (in Russian):



A rough translation of the original announcement:

  • "We regularly check how our prices relate to the situations in different regions. That's why we are lowering the real world money prices in Heroes of the Storm in Russian rubles by 30%."
  • A skin, previously for $7 will now cost approximately $5.
  • The new prices are in effect as of March 01, 2016.
  • Gold prices remain untouched.

Reddit Discussion

The price reduction has been heavily discussed on reddit.

  • Some Canadians are anticipating possible price reductions as well, as the yearly income in the United States is higher than in Canada.
    • A user is comparing average household incomes of both countries.
  • Most of the users are adopting the "every region outside of US pays more for in-game purchases" attitude.
  • Some Bulgarian players also have their say, claiming "10 euro is $20 for us."



Do you consider the in-game shop real money prices too high for your region?

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well boo hoo, 10 dollar is 100 dollars here in Iran. And we can't even buy stuff from the shop because of the sanctions, which is lifted now but no one cares.

Let's face it, an 80 year old man can't get his erection right, there are 999 phone numbers for him in America  to reach and solve the problem but who cares if someone dies on this side of the world, or asking to add a prepaid bnet card, which he paid 1,000,000 Rials for it, to his account because he's Iranian and no one provides any kind of service to him and everyone is sorry that they can't help him. Only because Blizzard is an American company...

I can't believe I begged them to add that bnet pre paid balance card to my account, which was non refundable, and they refused to help me! and I threw the code out... What kind of law is it that prevents someone from purchasing stuff for his GAME legally? Am I building a bomb with this pre paid balance card? or trying to buy an airplane with it and attack the white house? I mean for Christ's sake it's just a game... 

them bulgarians... think they have a hard time paying for stuff online... it's hell in here, thank your God that you're not living here and live on.

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