HotS: New Warrior Matchmaking Rule, Rehgar Tints, DBro Round-up

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Spyrian wrote about a new matchmaking rule in Quick Match, limiting the maximum amount of warriors per team to two. Dustin Browder has answered some interesting tweets!


Maximum Warrior Rule Change in Quick Match


Blizzard Icon Spyrian

After reading recent community feedback indicating that receiving three Warriors on one Quick Match team can make for less than ideal team compositions, we ran simulations on what might happen if we altered the limit on this role. Test results showed that reducing the maximum number of Warriors per team would have positive effects on match creation, without causing queue times to increase, and we decided to move forward with the following change:
  • The maximum number of Warriors that will be matched together on one Quick Match team has been reduced from 3 to 2.

As with all team composition restrictions, parties can still bend this rule. This means that while you will be far less likely to receive three or more Warriors on one Quick Match team after today, you may still see this occur if those players entered the queue in a party.

As always, thank you for continuing to share feedback with us. We hope that today’s change will help to further improve your experiences in the Quick Match queue.



Rehgar Ghost Wolf Tints Coming!

The Ghost Form will adapt to your chosen Rehgar skin tint in a future patch. 


Blizzard Icon Trikslyr

You won't need to upvote threads like this for much longer. We've got some Rehgar wolf form tints internally that we're evaluating. They should become available for the public with a future patch.



Dustin Browder Tweets Round-up

I'm skipping some uncertain tweets that contain little to no information value and lacking an ETA such as Blizzard working on a voice chat for the game.


Hero Level Requirement for Hero League

It seems Hero Level 5 will be essential if you want your Hero to be able to play in HL.


What is the Team Working on?

Browder mentioned what the team's top priorities are for the foreseeable future.


Li-Ming's Damage to Structures

It's likely we'll see Li-Ming's damage dealt to Structures nerfed in a Balance Update.


Differentiating Xul Poison Novas

If there are two Xuls in a fight, it would be useful to distinguish their Poison Nova by color to avoid confusion. Team's discussing.


Off-comps are Fine!

Blizzard is happy with off-comps in Quick Match. It makes gameplay much more interesting. Off-comps mean unusual team compositions.

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Off-comps are Fine Only if you "WANT" to play them, not if you're forced into one!

People keep asking blizzard for unranked draft mode, and blizzard is doing it step by step. Jesus, just give people what they want already!! 

Every single matchmaking rule they are adding to the game is one small step to the unranked draft mode or something like Team Builder. 

Blizzard is like "ok we are not trying to be like other mobas, because this game is not a moba, we are experiencing new ways and we are not copying from other companies" but after a year it would be just like other mobas, because let's face it, it's a damn MOBA!! Give people what they are already comfortable with and be done with it. 

They are trying too hard to avoid what people expect, but they keep getting feedbacks about how people are frustrated about these things. Then they keep saying "We understand", no you don't!!

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