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More Teaser Images for the Warcraft Movie

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Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft, has tweeted out some additional images related to the movie. Let's take a look at them!


Less than a week ago, Duncan Jones posted the first of (hopefully) many images to come from the behind-the-scenes of the movie, while he also promised that he will keep them coming! For this article, we have a new set of pictures from Duncan's Twitter.


The first one falls under the "Easter egg" category: a poster urging people to be careful of the Kobolds that have infested the mines of Elwynn Forest. Anyone who has played a Human character, even for a little bit, will probably remember some of the first quests in Elwynn Forest involved killing these Kobolds in the mines.



Duncan also posted this amazing image that comes from 'somewhere deep in the orc camp'. The drawings depict without a doubt the slaughter of the Draenei by the green Orcs that were affected by bloodlust.



Lastly, Duncan retweeted numerous pictures by CPT Steven Rogers, a fan that had visited the Warcraft exhibition at China. Most of his photographs contain unseen footage from the exhibition: mainly, the interior of the Orc tent which is decorated with more drawings and Draenei skulls!



A bit of the Alliance, a bit of the Horde: what is going to be released next? Stay tuned to Icy Veins to find out, or - if you are really impatient - follow Duncan Jones on Twitter to be the first to know!

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