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d3 Diablo Patch 2.4.1 Greater Rift Changes, Single Player Making a Comeback?

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The number crunching on the greater rift changes for Patch 2.4.1 has come in, and it seems party play took a HUGE hit in terms of XP/hour. The good news: a more balanced game for everybody.


Diablo community member and content creator Wudijo has done some excellent work on the numbers behind the greater rift changes which are coming in the new 2.4.1 patch, due for Season 6. This thread on the /r/Diablo reddit goes over what the current number look like to a scale of Greater Rift 150, and then presents how the xp number will look after the changes. 


For those who aren't aware, Greater Rifts are changing drastically moving forward. The amount of XP that can be gained has been nerfed strongly, which is a continuation of the Bonus XP changes which were made in Patch 2.4. The second change, and the more prolific one in terms of what single player and group parties will look like in Season 6, is the reduction of damage that higher greater rift denizens will be distributing. 


This reduction scales the higher the rift, so for example a Tier 80 rift in 2.4.1, the monsters will deal ~25% less damage. Going up to Tier 100, and the monsters will be doing ~58% less damage than they currently do on live. This affects not only solo play (more offensive play styles and gearing), but really scales back the need or appeal of support characters in Greaters. 


Well this might seem a bit confusing as to the net result of all the changes, it basically will create the highest level of parity between group and solo players we have seen since Seasons began.




Currently group play can lead to an average of ~5x the XP over solo, and in the new patch that number is scaled way back to a more reasonable ~2x.


The second effect is that paragon levels should be down quite a bit from this season, which is great in a variety of ways. 


I know this is a change that has been asked for by many players for awhile now. It was truly devastating to morale when a solo player would watch group parties gain increasing higher numbers, and thus were able to come onto the solo side and dominate the leaderboards also. 


The changes seem to be a panacea of sorts, cleaning up a variety of issues that were creeping into the game of late. Shoring up solo vs. group play is a huge welcome addition. The slowing down of gaining paragons is going to be healthy for the game as well. Changing the current group meta from 3 support and only a single damage dealer is probably how most people wanted the game to go as well. It is a game of slaying monsters after all, so an environment where 3/4 of your party aren't doing so seems kind of wrong. Also, an RPG where "No-boss runs" is a common public tag seems to have some issues. The whole point of RPGs are to get tough and kill the biggest baddies!


Seems like things continue to get better in the Diablo camp, and I look forward to Season 6 more and more each day! Give us your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below! 

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