HotS: In Development - Dehaka, Shogun Artanis & Shadowpaw Li Li

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Here's a glimpse of what the Heroes of the Storm team is currently working on: the brand new hero Dehaka, and two skins for Li Li and Artanis.


A video has been released showing what is currently under development. We have an article dedicated on Dehaka, where you can also read about his abilities and see a picture of his Mecha Skin.The team has also created two Skins with a far eastern style for Li Li and Artanis.


Here is the video:



It's quite probable that Dehaka and these two new Skins will be added to the Nexus next week. We only need to wait and see!

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2 questions

1. How long will we have to wait for a Dehaka guide after his release?

2.Can you make a list of possible future heroes that you think might be added if you haven't done that already? That inclused both speculations and datamined info

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1. My guess would be around a week, it depends on who gets to write the guide for him.


2. Yeah sure! There's actually a bunch of possible future Heroes both from datamined stuff and speculations:


Datamined info


Stan had made two articles about them. The first one includes a teaser image which teases:

- Tracer (she is 100% the next one to come after Dehaka)

- Valeera Sanguinar, a rogue hero in both WoW and Hearthstone


The second article is about some information that was actually datamined in November 2014! It concerns voice lines of current Heroes addressing future/possible Heroes when they kill them or interact with them (for example, Brightwing kills Deathwing and brags about it). I have highlighted the most likely:


From Warcraft:

  • Aggra, wife of Thrall;
  • Azshara, evil Naga queen;
  • Blademaster, a class in Warcraft III;
  • Brann Bronzebeard, younger brother of Muradin;
  • Cenarius, Malfurion's mentor;
  • Deathwing, evil dragon;
  • Garrosh Hellscream, evil dictator;
  • Grommash Hellscream, father of Garrosh;
  • Guldan, uber bad guy in WoW, likely to be available when Legion the next expansion of WoW is released;
  • Kiljaeden, demon arch-villain, summoned by Gul'dan;
  • Magni Bronzebeard, older brother of Muradin and King of the Dwarves;
  • Maiev Shadowsong, was Illidan's jailor;
  • Mekkatorque, king of the Gnomes;
  • Moira Thaurissan, daughter of Magni;
  • Ragnaros, evil fire elemental lord;
  • Sapper, some sort of an engineer/rogue hybrid;
  • Shandris, part of the Sentinels and loyal follower of Tyrande;
  • Varian, king of the Humans and leader of the Alliance;
  • Vashj, an other Naga, underling of Azshara;
  • Zuljin, troll warlord and leader of the Amani tribe.


From StarCraft: (bare in mind I'm not that familiar with the StarCraft universe)

  • Fenix, a Protoss guy;
  • Arcturus Mengsk, arch-nemesis of Kerrigan and the bad guy in StarCraft II;
  • Overmind, godlike entity and former leader of the Zerg Swarm;
  • Tosh, a Terran Jamaican guy;
  • Valerian Mengsk, son of Arcturus and actually a good guy, current emperor of the Terrans;
  • Horace Warfield, Terran general, killed by Kerrigan.




As you can see, there are numerous datamined Heroes so most of the speculations revolve around them. Two other names that people throw around quite often are:

  • Vol'jin, leader of the Trolls and Warchief of the Horde in WoW
  • Alexei Stukov, human/zerg hybrid and advisor to Kerrigan in StarCraft


TL;DR: Tracer is the next Hero after Dehaka, 100%. After her, I'd say likely candidates are Valeera, Zul'jin, Arcturus Mengsk, Vol'jin and Alexei Stukov. Gul'dan will arrive whenever Legion gets released. Lastly, a lot of people believe that we are probably getting a StarCraft hero, since there aren't many of them.

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Thanks for the reply :) One correction though. Brann isn't Falstad's younger brother, he's Muradin's younger brother

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Ah yeah, all these dwarves with their beards :p got confused!


Forgot to mention, under speculations you can also add Alarak.

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Ah yeah, all these dwarves with their beards tongue.png got confused!


Forgot to mention, under speculations you can also add Alarak.



Alarak... can't wait

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