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Question about haste and a fury warrior

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So I know that with WBR haste is a non issue. What im wondering is it I would be better off not using WBR if I can get to 18% haste no problems.  This week the loot gods have been very generous.  I got H WF +socket chest off manny, WF gloves off soc, WF boots off archi, and the weapon out of UBRS off the last boss with mastery, haste 715 ilvl.  So I was playing around last night and if I use all this haste gear and heroic unending hunger I have over 30% crit and I think 50% mastery.  The issue is my WBR is still normal and all my other trinkets are heroic.  Im using heroic EDH and something.  My choices are the heirloom trinket, chipped soul prism, H DC, H UEH, and norm WBR.


I know I know simcraft but im curious about some opinions.



Khalizon-moon guard


I can't post my armory link for some reason.




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You make an interesting point, and one that I have been experimenting with as well. After tinkering (out of sheer boredom) with a few odd pieces that have been sitting in my bank for months, I found that I was able to hit the 12% haste breakpoint -- and then by switching out a few more pieces, even the 18% haste breakpoint -- when raid buffed. In true WoW fashion, the gear with the worst stats was always what ended up dropping warforged for me. But even so, this allowed me to experiment with different trinkets and gear setups.


My default is h wf WBR socketed with Crit (because I also use it as a tanking trinket and favor a Crit build) and a h EDH.


I found that my damage was very good, and sometimes higher than expected, when using a buffed 12% haste setup and h EDH along with h DC. This was true on both single target and AoE fights, and the massive amount of passive Strength combined with the dual procs led to great damage and a fluid rotation with good Enrage uptime. This was my best "experimental combo."


In general, WBR was a solid performer when combined with either EDH or DC.


In general, UH was a slight DPS loss when combined with any other trinket.


The worst combination I found in testing was with the setup for buffed 18% haste on gear, either with or without WBR thrown in for even more Haste. Items like the Archimonde boots, while rich in Haste and Strength, simply don't have the Crit and Mastery to ensure the Enrage uptime and sustained DPS that I prefer. I was hitting much faster, but for less per hit, and the final tally didn't even up when compared to my usual setup with high Mastery and Crit. It was close on some fights, but my default gear set ended up putting out better numbers. Of course, there is some RNG involved here, so your mileage may vary.


So in closing, I would say experiment and see which trinkets best suit your play style. At the end of the day, that is what matters most. If bosses are dying, and your rotation feels smooth and enjoyable, then stick with whatever trinket set gives you that unless your numbers are suffering. The EDH does scale quite well with Haste, and makes an excellent companion for WBR, and your latency may play a part in your damage output as well, especially if it is less than optimal. Wild Strike usage in particular tends to suffer with poor latency. For AoE fights, you can swap in DC for EDH as needed, or if you have enough Haste already, try both together and see if you like the results. Congrats on the upgrades, and here's hoping you get even more in the days to come!

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