The Art of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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A look at the last two years in Sanctuary through art.

I don't consider myself an individual who is passionate about art. I don't draw, nor do I have the patience to look at much of it past occasional museum outings. That said, I have always enjoyed looking at concept art. I know it's not the "high" art that most care about, but it's an element of a medium that I love, and one that does fascinate me. Most of the Collector's Editions I own came with an artbook or some sort, and I have actually cracked them open more than once.    Why am I rambling about this here? Well, this really cool post has shown up on It is a small look into some of the art process that has occurred in Reaper of Souls, and it is a really worth a look-through.


Things like a prop artist sneaking the Indestructible Runeword from Diablo 2 onto a non-breakable "breakable" really poke that inner nerd in me, and make me excited to see the similar passion in those who produce this great game. I have had a Transmog of the Arachyr set since it became available, yet reading through I learned a detail that I've always missed!    Enough rambling though, check out the post here, and leave comments or thoughts in the box below.   Stay awhile and listen!


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