Remove/hide item upgrades from gear lists?

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Please? Posted Image

To me, it is just confusing to look at the lists and see LFR/Normal/Heroic gear with 0/2 1/2 2/2 after them, and try to pick what to aim for next.

There is also the inv_misc_ornatebox.jpgCache of Treasures items which have either been removed or moved to the Greater one.

Nothing crucial, just slightly annoying. =3 Posted Image

I couldn't find a forum for generally posting about the guides, so decided to post here. If there is a more suitable forum I'll move it there.

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It is a bit convoluted with the valor upgrade system, of course that's gone away. Personally, the lists are just too long for me. I would prefer to see only the current LFR tier and up for gear in these lists. There are plenty of databases (WoWDB, Wowhead) to take care of showing every gear piece available for players to equip. This might free up a little time for Vlad and Damien who, from the amount of data on this site, are working a ton.

BTW, Thanks guys for having such a great resource!

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